Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Dubai is really nuts in building the tallest structures in the planet....

Nakheel Tower the 1km high tower (this is already approved and is in the pre-construction stage.)
The entire construction area will be of 270 hectares, and when the Nakheel Tower and Harbor will be finished, it will provide enough space for 55,000 inhabitants, workplaces for 45,000 people, and for millions of tourists every year. Although it will be one kilometer-high, the skyscraper will only feature 200 floors, but this could change as the developers don’t want to tell us more about the actual height as rivals could build taller towers.

Here is a nice visual comparison of existing skyscrapers:
Everything pales in comparison with this baby...

Dubai City Tower. its...2.4 kilometers tall!

This gargantuan of a structure is planned for the Jumeirah City project... even includes a vertical bullet train: one-and-a-half mile tall, 125 mph elevator.

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